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How To Upload Images Using Filemail

Upload images of any format

Step 1: Choose Your Images

Select the images you want to upload. Or, you can drag and drop your files. You can also submit a message that will appear on the shared images download page.

Upload to Filemail Cloud

Step 2: Upload Images Online

When you have selected your images, we'll start to upload them. Your files are safely secured in our cloud thanks to end-to-end encryption.

Shareable download link

Step 3: Share The Download Link

Once your images are hosted on our servers, you'll get a shareable link that points to them. You can share the link in whatever way you want.

An Image Upload Site Packed With Benefits

Unlimited galleries

Custom Sub-Domain

Get a custom sub-domain of your choosing, so you can present a professional front to your clients.

Unlimited galleries

Unlimited Galleries

You can create as many gallery download pages as you need, we have no restrictions.

Customize your gallery download page

Customize Your Galleries

Change the colors, fonts, add a background image, add your logo, customize the download galleries how you want.

secure image hosting

Secure Upload

Anti-Virus Protection, Password Protection, and end-to-end encryption mean the files you share, are the files that others will get.


Any Image Size & Type

2k images, 4k images, 8k images, you name it. Upload pictures of any size with us.

No ads on Filemail

Ad-Free Experience

You hate ads, we hate ads, so no ads. Simple.

Filemail on all major platforms

Apps For All Platforms

You can upload using our website, our mobile apps, or our desktop apps. Share files your way.

Fast upload and download speeds

Fast Transfer Rates

With globally distributed servers we can upload your images to our nearest server.

How Do We Compare To Other Photo Sharing Providers?

How Many Photos Can You Store For $15 A Month?

Number Of Photos Cost
Filemail Pro 1 000 000 $10
IMGBB Unlimited $9.99
ShootProof 1 500 $10
Photobucket 25 000 $10

How Large A File Can You Upload?

Max File Size
Filemail Pro 250 GB
ShootProof 28 MB
Photobucket 50 MB

What Image File Types Can You Upload?

File Type
Filemail Pro Any file types
ShootProof JPG
Photobucket JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP


Can I use Filemail To Upload Images For Free?

Yes, you can. Upload up to 5 GB in total a day. You don't even need to create an account, you can share anonymously. We also have apps for all the major platforms, which you can use for free.

How long do we host your images?

Files are hosted for 7 days if you are using our free service. With a Filemail Pro account we'll store your content for 30 days. If you want to keep your image hosted indefinitely, then check out our Business account.

Are there any download limits?

No, there are no download limits. Images you upload can be downloaded or shared as many times as need be.

Are there any upload limits?

The only two limits we have for free users is file size can only be up to 5 GB. You can only upload a total of 5 GB a day. Files are only stored for 7 days.

How Do I Upload Multiple Images?

Select the images you want to upload in one go. You can even upload a folder containing the images if you want.

How To Make An Image Smaller To Upload?

You don't need to make an image smaller to upload to our cloud. Our Pro account has a max file size of 250 GB. Filemail Business account has no file size limit, so you can put the compressors and converters away.

Some Of Our Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Client Testimonials

Doo Dah Diaries

I have to constantly share large photographic files and scans as part of the development of the Doo Dah Diaries. I find Filemail to be the simplest and most reliable to share such files.

James Lott

I have been using Filemail for about 5/6 years now, and it beats the competition as large file sizes are no problem. I first used the free service then signed up for the annual subscription, which they gave me at a fair price, their customer service is excellent too.

Steve Gullick

Filemail is perfect for all my file transfer requirements... It's easy & quick to upload my huge video & stills photography projects - a doddle for the clients to download too... I can't recommend Filemail highly enough.