File Transfer Time Calculator

How Long Will It Take To Transfer x GB?

We are often asked how much time x GB will take to transfer, and what transfer speeds can I achieve with Filemail. Certainly, when you are sending a large file, such as a video, or many files zipped up, the time taken to send something is a major consideration.

The fact is there are a lot of variables to take into account. Some variables are constant, like your internet connection speed. Some are fluctuating like traffic volume, the route taken, the location you are uploading from to name but a few. For these reasons giving a factual answer is impossible.

However, we can provide an estimate that gives some indication of the file transfer time taken by using some of the aforementioned variables. By using our file transfer time calculator, you will get an appreciation of the gains you’ll make, and more importantly of the time you’ll save. These gains are due to our desktop app that uses UDP, which negates the issues with TCP based transfers.

The TCP Based Issues That Affect File Transfer Time

Addressing The Latency Issue

Latency is the time it takes for a request to travel from sender to receiver, for the receiver to then respond, and relay the response back to the sender. To not go into all the technicalities of latency, very simply, the further the distance between sender and receiver, the greater the latency. High latency can create bottlenecks that severely reduce performance.

Resolving The Bandwidth Issue

TCP uses only a fraction of your bandwidth because of things like congestion control, and acknowledgment from the receiver that they have received the data packet. UDP is based on best-effort, in that it doesn’t wait for an acknowledgment, and has no regards for congestion. It is designed to obtain the highest transfer rates. At Filemail we have built on top of UDP, so you can control how much of the bandwidth you utilize, so in essence you get the best of both worlds.

Why Your File Transfer Times Are Shorter With Us

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UDP Desktop App For Fast Transfers

Our desktop app available for both Windows and Mac uses UDP, which will enable blazing fast transfers. It does this by utilizing more of your bandwidth and by negating some of the issues with TCP that dramatically lower your transfer rate, from theoretical to real-world.

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The File Transfer Calculator

Our calculator shows the time taken to transfer a file when using our UDP-enabled desktop app.

To use our calculator you will need to provide the following information:

  1. File size: the amount of data you want to transfer in GB
  2. Your upload transfer rate
  3. The location you are uploading from, ie your location.

In response we shall show you:

  1. The nearest server that your data will be uploaded to. We have numerous servers distributed globally, so unless you choose your location, we shall upload your file to the nearest server.
  2. The time taken to transfer your file using our desktop app, which utilizes UDP to enable very fast transfer rates.
  3. The time taken if you were to use a TCP based solution such as uploading via a website, or using FTP.

Our Nearest Server Location:

UDP Time Taken:

Hours Minutes Seconds

TCP Time Taken:

Hours Minutes Seconds

Filemail Saves You:

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