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Transfer Files Bigger Than 50 GB At Faster Speeds

TransferNow alternative to share files using any platform

TransferNow is another file sharing platform with which you can store and share files. As the market has matured inevitably more and more come into the field, but unfortunately become at best a me-too or at worst, pale imitations. TransferNow have no unique features nor benefits, instead choosing to blend in with the crowd.

However, choosing to blend in with the crowd can lead one to not only copy good points, but also some bad points as well.

Why We Are A Better TransferNow Alternative

TransferNow Filemail

Full Transfer Rates

TransferNow to their credit admit to capping transfer rates on some accounts. But even so, it's the end-user who suffers. At Filemail, we don't throttle a thing, so you can share large files quickly. On top of which, we have custom UDP protocols that boost transfer rates of up to 200 times compared to HTTP.

TransferNow Filemail
We don't show ads

Ad-free Experience

In some cases ads are a viable revenue stream, typically when you have the volume to generate small incremental amounts. But the cost is far more than the small amounts gained. End-users pay that cost via a poor user experience, and one that Filemail will not partake in. We make revenue not by coming in our users way, but rather by staying out of their way.

Protecting you and your recipients data

Anti-Virus Protection

Malware, viruses, trojans, to name but a few threats are steadily increasing, both by criminal organizations and in some cases, sponsored by states. To have no anti-virus protection is playing in their hands. At Filemail uploaded files are scanned for viruses.

Protecting you and your recipients data
Share files using the platform of  your choosing

Available On Any Device & Platform

Mobility and the need to enable our users to work how they see fit, means we don't confine you to just a browser. Our cloud storage service is available via dedicated apps for iOS, Android, OS and Windows. You can even use our API if you are so inclined.

Comparing The Following Accounts

No Account/Free

Personal 1-User Account

Multi-User Accounts

Free / No Account Comparison

You can send a file easily with TransferNow, with next to no questions asked. Well, bar yours and your recipients email address. However, unlike TransferNow, we have no 50 recipients limit. Let's see how they compare with us.

Filemail TransferNow
Files Available 7 Days 7 Days
Max File Size 5 GB 4 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Anti-Virus Protection
Ad Free
Full Download Speed

Benefits Of Sending Files For Free With Us

5 GB

Share More With Us

With TransferNow you can send a file of up to 4 GB. We go one better, so with Filemail you can send up to a 5 GB file.

The TransferNow Alternative that doesn't throttle transfer speed

Fast Transfers

TransferNow caps transfer rates, so they should really be called TransferAndWaitAWhile. We on the other hand cap nothing and throttle nothing.

Transfer files in an ad-free environment

Annoying Ads

Ads are annoying. They sell you stuff you already bought, or don't want. We value our user's experiences, and will not clutter our UI and website with such nonsense.

Unlimited downloads of shared files

Unlimited Bandwidth

Only 3 recipients can download a file in an hour. Filemail let's you have as many recipients as need be, and they can download it as many times as they want.

Share Up To 5 GB For Free

Without Capped Transfer Rates

Send Large Files Free

Personal Account Comparison

A 1-user account is for freelancers and professionals in a multitude of fields including photographers, marketers audio/video specialists, and engineers, to name but a few.

The table below shows the features in an individual account by us and TransferNow.

Filemail TransferNow
Cost Per Month $10 $8
Account Type Pro Premium
Storage Capacity 1 TB 1 TB
Files Available 30 days 30 Days Renewable
Max File Size 250 GB 200 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Anti-Virus Protection
Password Protection
Custom Subdomain
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Receive Files
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Some Key Benefits Of A Filemail Personal Account

25 GB

Send A File Of Up To 250 GB

With a personal account you can send or receive a file of up to 250 GB, rather than the 20 GB max offered by TransferNow.

x 200

Faster Transfers

Not only do we not cap transfer rates, but we actually enable you to send files up to 200 times faster when compared to TCP based protocols.

Share files knowing they will reach their destination intact

Secure Data

Anti-virus and password protection means you don't have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands, or having to handle an infected file.

Track who and when your files are downloaded

File Tracking

You haven't got time to start chasing up your clients, asking if they have downloaded the file. With Filemail, you are in the know, so you can focus on other things.

Send Files Of Up To 250 GB With Filemail

Start Your Free 7-Day Trial

Start Trial

Multi-User Business Account Comparison

A Business account is for companies that required multi-user accounts. Businesses have taken advantage of the speed and efficiency of sending and receiving files via the internet, rather than snail mail and other such outdated methods. However, due to the size of the files, and the need for security and compliance, businesses are using dedicated transferring solutions like Filemail that go far beyond emails and FTP.

The table below shows the business account package provided by Filemail and TransferNow, and how they compare to each other.

Filemail TransferNow
Cost Per Month $15 $24
Account Type Business Team
Storage Capacity 1 TB / User 1 TB / User
Files Available Forever 30 Days Renewable
Max File Size Unlimited 200 GB
UDP File Transfer Acceleration
Unlimited Bandwidth
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Anti-Virus Protection
Password Protection
Custom Subdomain
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Upload Form On Your Website
Receive Files
Choose Data Location
Priority Support (Email)
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Benefits Of A Filemail Business Account

When TransferNow says no to sharing  large files, we say yes

Receive Bigger Files

TransferNow limits how big a file you can receive. Don't annoy visitors and clients, use Filemail and let them upload what they want.

$ 15 $ 18. 67

Cost Effective

Price is obviously a factor in the procurement of a solution. Filemail is a more cost effective solution than TransferNow, and a more holistic solution.

Store shared files for as long as you want

Permanent Storage

Sometimes you need files for longer than 30 days, but with TransferNow you need to renew it, otherwise it is deleted. Using Filemail would mean one less thing to remember.

customize your account and look professional

Total Customization

You can customize all outward facing aspects of your account, be it emails, subdomain, and website integration form. Stay within brand guidelines and give a professional sheen.

Some Of Our Business Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Client Testimonials

Sawyer Radler (Sport & Story)

Filemail is an amazing tool I use it to easily send video files weekly. Very quick and easy. I recommend this site for anyone needing to send large files.

Jorge Elias Alarcon (Hollywood Channel)

Filemail has solved all my file transfers problems I have had in the past. Fast reliable, friendly to use. Very happy with the service. We send our shows all over the world, Filemail is great help.

Doo Dah Diaries

I have to constantly share large photographic files and scans as part of the development of the Doo Dah Diaries. I find Filemail to be the simplest and most reliable to share such files.